Working with a visa agent can be beneficial to anyone seeking to apply for a visa, as they have a deep understanding of the visa application process and how to maximize the chances of success for clients. They provide advice and assistance on the entire process of applying for visas, from assessing eligibility to preparing and submitting the application, as well as advising on supporting documents.

This saves you time and the hassle of reading through all the different requirements for the various visa applications. Many forms are in the Thai language so a visa agent is very useful in helping to fill them out.

Benefits of using a visa agent

Utilizing a Visa Agent can be beneficial for those looking for assistance with their visa application process. They help complete the visa application process with increased efficiency and expertise in the process. They are also familiar with local laws and regulations. 

For starters, a visa agent helps increase efficiency when navigating the visa application process. They can help you complete the visa forms in a timely fashion, as well as take care of any other paperwork that is necessary for the application. It’s good to have an agent to facilitate contact between you and the relevant visa authorities, which can reduce the amount of time spent waiting for a response. 

In addition, the visa agent provides expertise in visas that most applicants don’t have. Visa Agents are familiar with the specific requirements for each visa application, as well as the country’s laws and regulations governing the process. This expertise is invaluable when applying for a visa, as it helps to ensure that the application is completed accurately and promptly. 

Finally, Visa Agents are familiar with the local laws and regulations. Most agents are knowledgeable about the immigration laws and regulations of Thailand and which branch to use for the visa application.

The Different Types of Visas Available in Thailand

Whether you are planning a holiday, studying, looking for work or retiring, you will need a visa to enter Thailand. Numerous visas are available, each with its own set of requirements. 

A visa agent can be a great help in navigating the visa application process. They can handle all the paperwork, and help you apply for the right visa.

The main types of visas available in Thailand are:

Non Immigrant O (Thai Spouse) Visa 

Non Immigrant O (Thai Child) Visa 

Non Immigrant B (Work) Visa 

Non Immigrant O (Dependent) Visa 

Non Immigrant ED (Education) Visa 

Non Immigrant O (Guardian) Visa 

Non Immigrant O (Retirement) Visa 

The visa application process involves gathering the required documents, submitting the application, and then waiting for the visa to be approved. 

Hiring a visa agent can be more of the cost but could be worth the cost if you are unfamiliar with the visa process. 

It is important to do your research to find a reputable visa agent. Some are scrupulous and you could be taken for a ride. Thai Visa Expert strongly advise not to look only for the reviews as we are living in a world where even reviews can be bought to impress the new clients. We strongly recommend to check the knowledge of Visa agent by asking questions and exchanging emails. We at Thai Visa Expert are offering 100% free consultation via emails. Therefore, for your peace of mind, you can contact us via emails, ask us questions as many as you have with regards to your visa need. Working with a good visa agent is invaluable and you can feel confident in obtaining the right visa for your stay in Thailand.

Steps Involved in the Visa Application Process 

The visa application process for Thailand is relatively straightforward. First, you will need to gather all of the necessary documents and information needed for the visa application. This includes a valid passport, a completed visa application form, passport-sized photographs, and proof of sufficient financial funds to support your stay. 

Once you have all the required documents, you should submit the application form at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country.  

After submitting your application, you will need to wait for the visa to be approved. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, the processing time may take a few days or weeks. Once your application is approved, you will receive your visa, which will enable you to enter Thailand and enjoy all its wonders.

When you get your Passport back with the visa it will be stamped with the date of approval. This means there is a time gap till you arrive in Thailand. Make sure you don’t book your flight too far in advance before you apply for the visa.

You can also check with Thai Visa Expert team, if you need to get Visa prior to traveling to Thailand or can be obtained at Thai Immigration office in Thailand. If you are one of the passport holders from 63 countries that can enter Thailand on an Exempt Visa stamp, we can assist you to obtain a long term visa depending on the duration and purpose of your staying in Thailand

Hiring a Visa Agent

Hiring a visa agent is a great way to make sure your visa application is filled out properly and processed quickly. A visa agent is an expert professional who specializes in the visa application process and can provide advice and assistance in the preparation and submission of your visa application. 

The cost of a visa agent will vary depending on the complexity of the visa application but can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. When searching for a reputable visa agent in Thailand, it is important to look for an agency that has a good reputation, is well-established and has experience with the particular visa you are applying for. You should avoid working with the visa agency that promises you visa by receiving your documents via posts. You must be present at the Immigration for the submission of visa application. You must accompany your visa agent to the Immigration and can provide you with a satisfaction guarantee.


Using a visa agent can be incredibly beneficial when applying for a visa in Thailand. They provide expert advice on the best visa option for your needs, assist with the application process and provide valuable knowledge on the country’s customs and regulations. 

They can also assist with gathering the necessary documents, filling out any paperwork and following up on the visa application. Furthermore, visa agents can help to ensure that the entire visa application process is completed promptly and can provide you with advice on particular steps to take if any issues arise. All in all, using a visa agent can be an invaluable asset when applying for a visa in Thailand.



45 days Exempt visa stamp is no longer offered which was implemented on October 1st last year 2022 as an effort to help stimulate the Thai Tourism Industry. All the countries that eligible for Exempt Visa stamp will now get only 30 days upon arrival.

For those who want to stay longer for tourism purpose, travelers can also apply for a 60 days Tourist Visa head of time, which is of course, more costly and requires uploading a variety of documents as most embassies have moved to the E-Visa application system.

Either way, the Exempt Visa stamp for 30 days and Tourist Visa for 60 days can extend their stay for another 30 days at the cost of 1900 THB at a local Thai Immigration in Thailand. However, some nationalities may receive extension not more than 7 days on a Tourist Visa (if not eligible for Exempt Visa stamp)