Single/Multiple Re-entry Permit

Re-entry permit allows Visa holders to leave Thailand for a short period of time to travel to another country and then Re-enter Thailand on the same Visa.

Single Re-entry Permit: Single Re-entry permit is good for only 1 journey and the expiration date will be the expiration date of your latest extension of stay. Upon arrival, Thai Immigration will stamp permit “USED” to show it is no longer valid. For the next trip, you must obtain a new Single Re-entry permit before leaving again.

Multiple Re-entry Permit: Multiple Re-entry permit is good for multiple journeys and the expiration date will be expiration date of your latest extension of stay. You may leave and return as many times as you wish.

Please note:

When you returning to Thailand, you will need to complete a new Arrival/Departure card and to fill-in a visa number is your number of your Re-entry permit.

If you are holding 30 days exempt visa stamp or Visa on arrival than you can’t get a Re-entry permit.

TM 30

The TM 30 is also called as Notification form for House-Master, Owner or the Possessor of the Residence where foreigner has been staying.

Any foreigner living in a rented apartment or house should have Thai ID card copy and House Registration (Tabian Baan) of the owner along with the rental agreement copy. In case, the owner doesn’t file TM 30 at the nearest Immigration. You can do on behalf of the owner in order to avoid any consequences in future.

When TM 30 form is successfully submitted, Immigration will stamp returned slip (receipt of TM 30), then Tenant (Foreigner) need to keep it along with the passport as an Officer will require it for 90 days as well as at the time of Extension of your Stay

90 days report – Welcome to Same day service

Any foreigner holding Non Immigrant Visa staying in Thailand exceeding 90 days must report current address at Royal Thai Immigration office. Failure to report within the specified time will result a fine of 2,000 THB or up to 5,000 THB if arrested. However, the good news is Thai Visa Expert offer same day 90 days report service to the residents of Bangkok, We pick up and drop off the documents at your door steps.

Please note:


The notification of staying in Thailand every 90 days is not a visa extension.


If a foreigner leaves the country before 90 days report date is due then disregard the date as your new 90 days report will start from the day you Re-enter Thailand.


If you are not sure how 90 days report works then simply email us for more information.

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Exempt Stamp & On-Arrival Visa Extended to boost Tourism in Thailand from 1st October 2022

Exempt Stamp & On-Arrival Visa Extended to boost Tourism in Thailand from 1st October 2022

The Center for COVID – 19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has approved longer Exempt Visa Stamp and On-Arrival Visas to Thailand starting from October 1st until 31st March 2023 as part of efforts to revitalize the economy due to the pandemic.

Passport holders that entered Thailand on an Exempt stamp for 30 days will be allowed to enter on a 45 days Exempt Stamp from October 1st and On-Arrival visa that entered Thailand on 15 days will be now allow to enter on 30 days On-Arrival Visa.