Investment Visa Thailand

If you wish to live in Thailand for long term, this could be one of your choice. Foreigner is required to bring 10 million Thai Baht in order to be eligible for Thailand Investment Visa. You are required to hold Non Immigrant Visa type with Annual Extension. You can invest in one of the followings

  • Property
  • Government Bonds
  • Fixed deposit in Thai Bank

You can live in Thailand as long as you meet 10 million baht requirement. Initially you need to hold Non Immigrant Visa single entry valid for 3 months with an extension for 12 months. Holder under Thailand Investment Visa plan are permitted to invest in a combination of assets. For example, you can buy 6 million baht property and deposit the remaining 4 million baht in a Fixed Deposit Account, As long as the minimum investment requirement of 10 million baht is met.

Important notes for Investment Visa Holders:

  • Thai Investment Visa doesn’t allow you to work in Thailand
  • You must hold Non Immigrant Visa
  • Investment in property can only be made in new builds directly from a property developer
  • Family of investors (Spouse and Children) are eligible to apply for long term stay in Thailand.
  • However, family must show proof of relationship with the investor. 

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