Thailand is a great place for families to live, and many from around the globe have mad a new home in the country and personal circumstances will vary wildly from family to family, meaning they will need different types of visas for their circumstances. 

But not all people will be able to qualify for the visa they need, potentially leaving in a difficult situation. For example, some foreign parents might be wondering if they can get a Guardian visa if their children are not Thai national

The good news for those parents is that the answer is YES! 

How do I qualify for a Guardian Visa? 

Guardian Visas were introduced for foreign parents of Non Thai Children studying in  the country. To qualify you must be able to prove that you are a parent of a child (or children) studying in Thailand. A proof of relationship will be required such as birth certificate, if it is in English language then you can use it right away but if it is in a foreign language, you have to translate it in English and verify the translation from your Embassy in Bangkok. School will provide the registration documents along with the letter requesting Immigration for a Visa change or Extension as per the requirement. IF your child is in Thailand on a Tourist Visa or Exempt Visa stamp, you can get Non-Immigrant ED visa for your child at a Thai Immigration office. Non-Immigrant ED visa is a single-entry visa valid for 3 months which needs to be extended yearly. Usually you can file and extension 45 days after the Non-immigrant ED visa have been issued. 

*Your child doesn’t have to be Thai to apply for a Guardian Visa 

In the past parents had to get Non-Immigrant O (Guardian) Visa from the Royal Thai Embassy prior to traveling to Thailand but now it is not the case, you can also process the Non-Immigrant O (Guardian) Visa at a local Immigration. Which can be extended yearly. If you are a frequent flyer, you can also add a Multiple Re-entry Permit to your stay so that you can fly in and fly out of Thailand as many times as you want. 

Guardian Visa is extendable yearly just before its expiry. Although there are additional requirements. For example, you will need to have 500,000 THB placed in a Thai Bank account for at least 30 days for the first time Extension application and from 2nd extension onwards, they money must be in the bank for 3 months. 

Visa Extensions and renewals are available for as long as you continue to qualify for the visa, helping to make this visa a good long-term option for parents with non-Thai children studying in Thailand.

However, while this visa makes a great option for many, it’s not suitable for people who want to work.

Understandably, many parents will want to find a job if staying in the country in the long term. To do so, you will first need to find legal work with an employer who is willing and able to help you get a non-B visa

You will also need to apply for a work permit before you can work legally, and this can be obtained in Thailand.

How to get Guardian Visa 

To get a Guardian Visa, you can either get it from the Royal Thai Embassy prior to traveling to Thailand or at a local Thai Immigration. Either way, you will need school documents and your child must be on Education Visa already. If you are not able to apply for a Guardian Visa in Thailand, you don’t necessarily have to go to your home country, you can travel to a neighboring country will be easier and more affordable. In most cases, you will need to make your application one day and pick up your passport and visa the following day 

You can then re-enter Thailand straight away or stay in your host country for few more days. 

Extending Guardian Visa 

Guardian Visa will initially let you stay in the country for 90 days, which is not long enough in most cases. However, you can extend your Guardian Visa yearly just before its expiry. You can also add RE-entry Permit to your stay depending on how many times you will travel in and out of Thailand. Single Re-entry Permit is good for one journey and Multiple is good for multiple journeys. 

To qualify for the extension, you will need to have 500,000 THB in a Thai Bank account for first application at least for 30 days. If the money hasn’t gone lower then 500,000 THB than your stay will be extended for a year. 

If you don’t fly at all, you can stay in Thailand as long as you have been permitted to stay as per your Visa Extension but you must do notify your address to the Immigration every 90 days. You have an option doing it online but if somehow it doesn’t work. You can have us to get it done on your behalf. 



45 days Exempt visa stamp is no longer offered which was implemented on October 1st last year 2022 as an effort to help stimulate the Thai Tourism Industry. All the countries that eligible for Exempt Visa stamp will now get only 30 days upon arrival.

For those who want to stay longer for tourism purpose, travelers can also apply for a 60 days Tourist Visa head of time, which is of course, more costly and requires uploading a variety of documents as most embassies have moved to the E-Visa application system.

Either way, the Exempt Visa stamp for 30 days and Tourist Visa for 60 days can extend their stay for another 30 days at the cost of 1900 THB at a local Thai Immigration in Thailand. However, some nationalities may receive extension not more than 7 days on a Tourist Visa (if not eligible for Exempt Visa stamp)