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Non Immigrant B Visa

A team of Thai Visa Expert can assist you with processing and securing Non Immigrant B Visa single entry for 90 days followed with Work Permit and a Year Extension based on Work. Did you know, you can change Tourist Visa to Non Immigrant B Visa without having to leave Thailand? Whether you are on Tourist Visa or on 30 days exempt stamp, we can process and secure you Non Immigrant B Visa at Bangkok Immigration located at Chaengwattana. However, it doesn’t apply in all cases so contact us now and we will get back to you with 100% free consultation. The list of required documents for Non Immigrant B Visa are as below:

Non Immigrant B Visa still is not enough for you to work in Thailand, you must obtain a Work Permit in order to work in Thailand legally.

Extension of Stay based on Work for 12 months

A team of Thai Visa Expert can assist you to obtain a year extension on Non Immigrant B Visa. Application will be processed on your behalf. However, you will have to accompany us to the Immigration office for a quick visit. The list of required documents for Extension of stay based on Work is as below:

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